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The Business Owner's Best Friend and Secret Weapon

Fox Marketing Group is a marketing firm uniquely built to serve small businesses and financial institutions. 

We offer you our relentless, specialized focus on growing traffic and sales.

Customers are out there.  What are you doing to win them over?

Control the controllables.  When you are running a business, a lot of things are outside of your control.  Changes in the population.  Changes in your industry.  Changes from vendors and suppliers.  A new competitor or two.  Industry regulations.  Lots of things.


But there is much that is in your hands, and Fox Marketing Group was custom-built to help you take advantage of opportunities.  Your business can be stronger, healthier, and more competitive.  We'll show you how.

There are two paths below.  Which one decribes you?

Small Business Marketing Expertise Built For You

Marketing Strategy and Branding

Transitioning to Digital Marketing

It's amazing how far you can get without a marketing plan.  (God bless America.)  But it's amazing how much further you'll get with one.

When people bring us their problems or their opportunities -- or their business idea starting up from scratch -- we don't just provide some quick answers or try to sell them a cookie-cutter solution.  We deliver a full gameplan that catches the vision and turns it into tangible steps to take.  And then, with your approval, we bring it all to life.

As part of our drive to ensure you are competing effectively, we have a full suite of branding services to upgrade your logo and position in the marketplace.  If your brand is out of date or off-target, we fix it.  Click to learn more.

Website Design
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Landing Pages & Microsites

If you have to micromanage every step of a project, you don't have the right help.  In twenty years of serving small businesses, Fox Marketing Group has seen and done just about every type of project imaginable.  Our expertise is your assurance.

From social media to signs and from website makeovers to distinctive print jobs, let us help you put the pieces together.

Targeted Advertising
Direct Mail

Marketing Tactics and Services

Graphic Design & Printing
Signs & Graphics

Tips and Articles

Even if we never get to work with you, we want you to succeed.  Explore our constantly expanding knowledge center here, or ask a question anytime!

Marketing Expertise to Help You Thrive

About Fox Marketing Group

Fox Marketing Group is the brainchild of Greg Zirkle.  Since 1996, Fox Marketing Group has made a mission of bringing high-level, professional marketing resources to small businesses that could never afford them before and that could never hire it to be done in-house.

Specialties include startup businesses and community banks, two of the backbones of American prosperity.  Click to learn more, or start a conversation today!

All About BOB

In twenty years of small business and financial institution marketing, things are always changing.  So we are always learning


We continuously seek out cutting-edge information in the areas of strategy, research, digital tactics, and much, much more.  And we have curated the very Best of the Best (BOB) into an information-packed, results-oriented two-day marketing retreat. 


BOB is the best thinking over the last twenty years for marketing your business, compressed into a single event that will inform, inspire and guide your leadership team for years.  Let's plan yours!

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