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The Business Owner's Best Friend and Secret Weapon

Fox Marketing Group is a marketing firm uniquely built to serve small businesses and financial institutions. 

We offer you our relentless, specialized focus on growing traffic and sales.

Customers are out there.  What are you doing to win them over?

You know your business. We know how to turn up the performance.

We were established with the vision of being the "marketing department" for businesses too small to have one, and an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer for those in need of fresh direction and leadership.


We also bring professional brand design and management to small businesses of all kinds. We have led logo development for banks, golf courses, tech companies, nonprofits and more.


And then there's the secret weapon: Customer Experience (CX). Our founder is a leading voice in the CX world, helping teams and companies improve the customer journey to create repeat business, referral business, improved cross-selling, and beyond.

How can we best help you today?

Small Business Marketing Expertise Built For You

Tips and Articles

Even if we never get to work with you, we want you to succeed.  Explore our constantly expanding knowledge center here, or ask a question anytime!

Marketing Expertise to Help You Thrive

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