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Let's Ride!

Small Business Marketing Plan

Everyone is selling something. Advertising reps sell advertising, web designers sell web design, print shops sell printing.

Everyone's got your marketing fix... except they don't.


Who will come alongside you as an ally and advocate,

lay out a roadmap for growth, and provide the tools and expertise?

That's exactly what Fox Marketing Group was built to do.

You're not a cookie.  So don't go for a cookie-cutter answer.

How We Help

Our process is to start by spending time learning from you. Asking questions. Checking things out. Understanding you. Understanding who you sell to. 


Not pitching, not selling. In fact, if we do most of the talking at our first encounter, that should raise a red flag. If we propose a bunch of "solutions" right away, that should raise a bigger red flag.

Then we huddle up and craft a marketing plan. We draw upon our experience and expertise, and build a proposal custom-fit for your situation and your objectives. You probably won't approve everything, and that's okay. It's a start, and we have the patience to grow with you.

As we present it to you, we'll be teaching. You'll learn from us just like we learn from you.


And whatever you decide to proceed with, we handle the labor so you can take care of business -- your growing business.


Services & Media

As we focus on holistic marketing plans for our clients, we are currently not taking on new business that involves single media projects – i.e. no a la carte print projects, annual report designs, social media setups, or advertising placements. The only exceptions are:

  • branding projects

  • sign jobs, which go through our subsidiary Waystream Signs


Other than that, we are serving clients exclusively as an outsourced marketing department in which we do the planning, execution, budget tracking, and performance reporting as a comprehensive service. That’s what works best, so that is our focus.

That being said, below are some of the services we may incorporate into the overall marketing plan…

PRINTING & GRAPHIC DESIGN: It's a digital world, but oftentimes you still need to put something real in people's hands. Make it meaningful. Make it impactful. Make it pay! We conceive, design, and copywrite for maximum effectiveness. And we produce on the latest digital presses for amazing quality and turnaround times so fast we probably shouldn't say too much about them.

WEB DEVELOPMENT: Your website is the hub for your entire business, a worldwide storefront and billboard combined. We build from scratch to achieve the site your business demands, combining design, content and search engine smarts into a high-performing digital destination.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Platform selection, content planning, graphic design, posting, replying, measurement and more. Social media marketing (done right) is more involved than you might assume, which is why most small business social pages underperform or wither away. We create social media strategies that pay, and we handle the daily dirty work so you have a reliable single source bearing the load.

DIGITAL MARKETING: The ability to target with precision gives us (you) an incredibly power set of tools to choose from. We aim for creativity, high engagement, and minimum waste on all campaigns. Performance reporting is built right in so we can continuously improve your results over time. Perhaps best of all, we educate as we execute, meaning you will understand what's being done and how it fits into the overall plan.

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