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Strategic Planning with BOB

BOB stands for Best of the Best.  Greg Zirkle has curated the best strategic thinking and research over the last 20 years and produced a fast-moving, results-driven retreat for business owners, executives and key team members.

Only a handful of companies will experience BOB this year,

and they will win the day.

Content for BOB Retreats has been specifically chosen out of the vast sea of business thinking published over the past two decades, then organized into a logical flow and applied to the specifics of your company and marketplace.


Two main criteria guide the selection of the Best of the Best thinking.  First, we select BOB material because it is data-backed, not just high-minded theorizing.  Second, we choose BOB material because it is immediately applicable.  BOB is intensely practical!  

What is the Best of the Best marketing and strategic thinking?  Blue Ocean Strategy.  Why We Buy.  Meaningful Marketing.  Treasure Hunt.  4 Disciplines of Execution.  Predictably Irrational. Predatory Marketing.  How to Get Your Competition Fired.

Plus the best approaches to marketing and decision-making developed by Greg Zirkle over the course of 20 years in small business marketing, including:  Customer Experience Excellence, Two Big Questions, Customer-Centered Tactical Plan, Organic Growth Strategy, and more.

What Qualifies as Best of the Best?

BOB is not cheap.  BOB covers a lot of ground in two days.  And while it will be entertaining and enjoyable, your mind will be both full and a bit tired by the end of it.  The outcomes, however, will be unlike anything your company has ever experienced.  You will emerge with a strategic plan for your company that goes far beyond just marketing.  It will set you up for immediate change and long-term success.


BOB is designed to be a two-day, one-night retreat that gets your key leaders and employees out of their normal setting, out of their comfort zone, and into a place where they can think fresh and see things anew.  You choose the location (though Fox Marketing Group will help with suggestions and logistics) and we will bring the content. 


And when we say content, there is a lot -- hand-picked, distilled, presented and moderated by Greg Zirkle himself.


There will be questions and discussion.  There will be games and laughing.  There will be challenges and incentives.  Old ideas will be reexamined.  Old assumptions may perish.  New horizons will be explored.  Problems will be solved, and your team will own the solutions.


And there will be follow-up to ensure that your BOB Retreat changes the course of your company for good.

Use the form below to inquire about BOB.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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