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Our Indiana office is on the edge of Muncie, Indiana, where the city stops and cropland begins. Muncie is both a college town and an industrial town in one, surrounded on all sides by agriculture for a surprisingly diverse local economy.


From here, we serve small businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout Indiana and also take on projects as far away as the Florida-Georgia line. (Not the band.)

Traverse City, Michigan is our second home and first love.  There is more to this area than just tourism, and we are happy to help local businesses thrive throughout the region.  Here we enjoy beautiful waters, four great seasons and a true sense of place.


From our northern Michigan office, we serve small businesses and nonprofit organizations from Lake Michigan to the thumb and into the Upper Peninsula.

Fox Marketing Group was founded on March 5, 1996, the brainchild of Greg Zirkle. Greg was a fresh college grad with a love of marketing, a knack for creativity, and a bias towards business owners. 


After applying some ideas to his best friend's trophy shop business, Greg saw the need for small business owners to have a resource to help them become more competitive. Fox Marketing Group was built from scratch to be exactly what small businesses need to compete.


When he's not working, Greg can often be found on a bike, on a trail, or in a kayak. Greg also finds strange comfort in doing landscape work. His wife Nicole is a dark-haired beauty, extraordinarily patient, and with a great eye for quality control. Matthew, Kelsey and Ty are the offspring.

Greg Zirkle, Founder & Idea Man

Zirkle family on top of the Beehive - Acadia National Park, Maine

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