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When we do an initial marketing review with a business owner, almost invariably we find an opportunity to help with off-site SEO.  Off-site SEO is a term used to describe online listings for your company that already exist -- primarily from Google, Yahoo and Bing -- waiting for someone to claim and edit them.  It gets its name because it is search engine optimization that is not related to your website itself.


Most companies don't even know they can do this, so most are unclaimed and therefore a distinct advantage in search engine performance goes unused.  We like to fix this right away.


When you claim your listing, it allows you to fill out many more details about your business than a customer would ordinarily see.  It also keeps your listing out of the wrong hands, which is always nice.  (There are verification steps to help prevent tampering but it could still conceivably happen.)


A good, completed, robust Merchant Verified listing is likely to rank higher in search results than many others, and it is also more likely to stand out from the crowd.  The more people click on your listing instead of a competitor's, the more calls and website visits you are likely to get.  And that's the whole idea.


As part of analyzing your search engine performance, Fox Marketing Group will help you claim and maximize these important listings.  For a FREE SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING REVIEW, just click here!

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