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Website Development, Part I: Starting from Scratch

Website Development: Starting from Scratch

Website Development: Upgrading/Overhauling

Website Search Engine Optimization

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

Integrating Web, Social and Email Marketing

Facebook for Smarties

LinkedIn for Smarties

Twitter for Smarties

Google+ for Smarties

AdWords and Other Paid Search Marketing

Landing Pages, Microsites and Other Neat Things

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One of the most fulfilling things we do is building a website from scratch, and often it is the company's first website ever.  That is both an honor and a big responsibility.  And believe it or not, it isn't uncommon.  Thanks to referrals and our own search engine optimization, we do a lot of startup marketing which almost always includes a good new web presence.  But other businesses have their own reasons for not jumping into the web previously.  When they're ready, we're ready.


For these -- and even others with a little more internet experience -- we do a lot of teaching as we build.  We want everyone to know what we're recommending and why.  We show how a website and other digital marketing techniques all work together and how they should work with "old school" offline marketing tactics too.


Here is our process...

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