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Website Development, Part II: Upgrading and Overhauling

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Website Development: Upgrading/Overhauling

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Websites don't stay fresh forever.  User habits change and a website needs to adapt.  Your business changes and your website needs to reflect that.  If you "set it and forget it," you basically just have a digital brochure that will do less and less good for you over time.


Two big changes that affect older websites are search engine algorithms and mobile trends.  Search engines, led by Google, regularly change the way they rank websites.  In part this is in response to illegitimate tactics trying to game the system and provide irrelevant (and sometimes harmful) links.  And it is also in response to changes in user behaviors.  It's all about providing relevant results for whatever is being searched, which is what search engines are for in the first place.  As the search engine ranking strategies change, you better follow suit to keep inbound traffic coming.


And then there's the explosion in mobile web browsing.  Mobile devices now account for more than half of web searches.  And leave your preconceived notions at the door, because even the 50-60 age group is now "mobile first" instead of local phone books*!


Those are two very common triggers for a need to upgrade your website but there are many more.  Sometimes that upgrade is minor -- a simple rethinking of how to group information or your calls to action.  Other times, a major overhaul is needed.  When the look is outdated and doing you no favors, or when the copy is stale or the keywording is poor, a more involved rebuild is in order.


Fox Marketing Group will analyze what's right with your site and what needs improvement, all from the viewpoint of your prospects and customers.  We get inside their heads and then build the site they need.  For a FREE WEBSITE REVIEW, just click here!


* 2013

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