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Landing Pages, Microsites and Other Underutilized Digital Marketing Ideas

If a lot of what you're reading on this site sounds vaguely familiar but you're not doing any of it in the marketing of your business, don't be discouraged.  The internet has been like the Wild West for a while, with new stuff emerging all the time and business owners rarely able to stay on top of it all.  (Which is why you have us.)


The purpose of this page is to share a couple specific tactics within the scope of digital and website marketing that you might want to consider.  If nothing else, it might stoke your imagination a bit.


One technique we like to apply in certain situations is a website landing page.  In other words, instead of always directing visitors to your homepage, sometimes it is more effective to direct them to another specific page with content that is very targeted to them.  It gets your audience right to the content they need with no other clicking needed.  They don't click to your homepage and then look for another link or tab, they just click straight to the content they're looking for.  Now you're talking their language and making it easy to find what they want -- and easy to find your call to action.


Another great technique is a microsite, which is a small, targeted website to send your audience to.  Like a landing page, the content is targeted and specific.  For a bank client who does an annual push for auto loans, the old method was to direct them to the main website of the bank for more information.  But there they would have to click an image to get to the auto loan info.  We switched it up by creating (the name of the promotion), where all the content was geared towards the details of the promotion and a link to Apply Now Online was clear for all to see.


As part of a comprehensive marketing plan, Fox Marketing Group will bring you fresh ideas and open up all kinds of new options for you -- traditional and digital both.  For a FREE SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING REVIEW, just click here!

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